Mauritanian Food
The staple diet of Mauritania is rice. People of Mauritania are quite adept in making various items of fish like dried fish and fish balls. These fish dishes are prepared with variety of spices. The Mauritania people in general, consume dried fish. Rice with the dried fish makes the common Mauritania food items for lunch and dinner in most of the Mauritanian households. The special item like fish balls is generally served during the festive occasions.
With the spiced fish, rice is also often served with vegetables. Dates are available in abundance in the land of Mauritania. They find a common place in the preparation of Mauritania food. The vegetarian dishes of Mauritania are mostly sweet because of the amount of dates used as their ingredients.


  • This dish is the most common dish you will find in Mauritania and it is called Mechoui.


  • These are the spices that are used when they are preparing their meals.